vsdvqa - Baby eczema recurrence, teach you 6 moves

Recently, Anna's mom received many messages from new moms asking how to deal with their babies' eczema. The most disturbing thing about eczema for mothers is that it is very stubborn and does not want to go away, and it always takes several rounds of tossing and turning before it stops. It is not difficult to understand the anxiety of mothers who see their babies turn from white to red and from smooth little faces to small pimples.

I. What is eczema?

Eczema, also known as ringworm, is a common skin problem in infants and toddlers, mostly occurring between 1 and 24 months of age, mostly on the face, neck, legs and other parts of the body. Eczema starts out as a red skin rash that slowly turns into a rash, then becomes brown and flaky, and if you touch your child's skin you can feel small, dense bumps. The baby with eczema often scratches intentionally or unintentionally because of itchiness, and once scratched it is more difficult to heal.

How to keep eczema out of the door?

1, although infant eczema is not all because of allergies, but may also have a relationship with allergies baby delicate this is undoubtedly, so mothers to avoid allergies, once the baby eczema, to find allergens in time to isolate it and the baby.

Allergies are divided into food allergies and environmental allergies, in addition to eating what we live in, clothes, etc. should also be noted. Anna mother has seen a child who thought it was a food allergy, and quit milk powder and meat, the child also had malnutrition, or not, and then went to do allergens only to find that it was because of mite allergy. And after getting the home environment clean, the child slowly got better and could eat meat, and the child was not so thin.

2, eczema baby must not be heated, to determine whether the baby will be cold, you can touch the back of its neck, never give the baby too much clothing, but at the same time, we must also pay attention to not over undressing caused by the baby cold.

3, do not hope for hormone medicine, care is 初生奶粉still very critical. The baby should not use alkaline soap when cleaning the skin, do not channel bath during eczema, if you must wash time is best within 5-10 minutes, after the bath to the baby in time to smear the skin cream.

4, breast-feeding mothers should also pay extra attention to avoid irritating foods, formula feeding babies to pay attention to whether it is allergic to milk components, if found milk protein allergy, it is recommended to switch to hydrolyzed protein formula or amino acid formula powder. Children who have added complementary foods, during the eczema period generally avoid introducing new types of complementary foods.

5, the baby's intimate clothing to choose cotton material, BB皮膚敏感especially the collar part, the baby wear clothes to pay more attention to comfort. Bedding also use all cotton, pay attention to the pillow to often change wash and dry, keep dry. Like feathers, pollen, chemical fibers and other materials that are easy to make the baby allergic is best not to use.

6, in the usual way to keep the air humidity suitable for the baby to sleep, keep the air circulation, if necessary, you can use air conditioning and humidifier, but must pay attention to the baby's reaction, to the baby's feelings mainly.

Eczema is difficult to deal with, but it is afraid of bb便便the patience and love of mothers. If you have a better way to be sure to leave a comment, Anna mother is willing to work with everyone to overcome the nasty eczema.

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